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Pommel - Epee French Grip, "Palmel" (18g - 135g) (Clearance)

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Product Description

"Palmel" by R.W. Zehr

The design of the Palmel provides the longest reach of any pommel when posting, and maximizes hand contact for best point control and power, by sitting in the palm just beneath and in front of the heel of the thumb.

The weight of the Palmel is adjustable from 18g to 135g to provide the preferred weapon balance, from lightest-available to good balance for a heavy blade.

- Length = 50mm. Will not cause your French grip weapon to exceed the 20cm maximum legal length from front of bellguard to end of pommel.
- Weight = ~18g as is or the weight can be increased for preferred weapon balance up to ~135g.

The Palmel is hollow, allowing metal shot to be inserted through the screw hole. Lead shot will add ~70g to the weight while Tungsten shot can add ~115g.

- Material = ABS. ABS is a durable thermoplastic used in products ranging from football helmets to computer mice. It is slightly resilient, so it does not shatter. The Palmel is 3D-printed and faceted, giving a surface texture that provides non-slip grip in any glove without requiring a rubber coating. A 1/2” deep M6x1 threaded brass insert is permanently embedded.

Mounting the Palmel:

The Palmel is supplied with a set of graduated stainless steel shim washers which are used to adjust the angle of the Palmel relative to the blade.  The fatter axis should be vertical, more or less in the same plane as the bend in the blade. The pitch of the M6 Coarse thread used on fencing weapon tangs is 1mm from thread to thread. Thus, adding a .2mm shim washer between the grip and the Palmel will rotate 72-degrees counterclockwise when tightened.

To balance the epee, insert metal shot or powder through the mounting hole. Small size shot (#9 or #8) is recommended for maximum fill and weight.  Tungsten powder is more costly than lead but works very well for weighting.  It is 70% heavier than lead for the same volume and fills better than round shot.

If you insert shot or powder to weight the Palmel once you reach your preferred balance (or close to it) use a piece of drinking straw to protect the brass threads and put a couple of drops CA (superglue) or wood glue inside to stabilize the weight. Let the glue harden with open end up to allow solvents to evaporate before mounting on the epee.

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Product Reviews

  1. I'm the manufacturer... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Mar 2017

    Even though the images doesn't show it, the pommels are now made with a non-slip surface - pebbly, sort of like stair-tread tape. This gives a much better grip, and allows a lighter hold, for a more relaxed hand.

  2. Control and effective reach 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Apr 2014

    I have only had this item for a few days but I am pleased. It is well manufactured and offers very good control when posting but can be used in a conventional grip as well. It is relatively short compared to other pommels I've used but allows for a longer effective reach. No overall length issues according to my gauge. Pairs well with the Karma grip but with a slight 1/16th" gap that is only cosmetic in nature were they join. Having a flat surface in your hand provides excellent feel, flicks to the top and side of an opponents hand were never better. I have not yet weighted the pommel with tungsten powder so I can't address that feature. I plan on purchasing this product again soon. I gave four stars due to the slight gap discussed. This may not be an issue with other grips> I have also not yet used it in competition, only bouts and lessons

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